I started this blog mainly as a place to easily store useful scripting fragments for easy retrieval. I had amassed a large library of useful scripts over the years and I found that they were stored in many various locations and hard to find. So the main purpose always has been, and continues to be, to store scripts for my own use. As such I never felt a need to make an introductory comment or provide a narrative. Since I have been doing this for a while and some entries are being returned prominently for Google searches, I have decided to post this introduction.

An added benefit of having my scripts in an online blog format is that I can make them available for others to use. This suits me fine, since all that I have learned has come to me from others who were willing to share. It gratifies me to share my knowledge with others. So feel free to use the information stored here, I ask nothing in return except perhaps that you try to pass on the knowledge to others as well. Enjoy!


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